Comfortable communal living in Helsinki

Comfortable, safe and easy communal living in Helsinki

Well-connected location

The center of Helsinki is only 20 minutes away. Step into a metro and enjoy the city!

Calm and easy living

Our apartments are comfortable and peaceful homes, where many of our tenants have lived for several years. Our rooms are suitable for working from home or studying.

KimppaKodit & ApartHomes offers private rooms in communal apartments for students and younger working people. Our rooms are cozy, clean and calm and located in five well-equipped floors in Kaarikuja 2. Central Helsinki is only twenty minutes away with a train, and the apartments are located next to metro station.

If you are interested in living with us, please tell little bit about yourself with this application.

Experienced and trustworthy provider of aparments

We have been renting apartments and rooms for over two decades. Apartments suitable for communal living have been on our offering for last ten years, and today we are focused on providing communal living for students and working young people. We provide nice, cozy and calm for people, who want to share their home with other people. Often people decide to stay in our apartments for bit longer than expected, and our longest-staying tenants have lived with us for six years. This is definite proof of quality of living in our apartments!

Communal living at its very best

KimppaKodit & Aparthomes offer you home-like living in communal space. We have five peaceful communities, where cool and kind people live. They are called Ada, Ali, Ami, Bea and Ida, with five rooms in each. In KimppaKoti you are in good company, with always friends nearby. Of course, you can also enjoy the privacy of your own room if that is your preference. All our apartments are Mixed gender, and welcome all genders.

Four Reasons to live with us

Feels like home

Our family-sized apartments are comfortable and nice spaces, with higher standards than typical communal living for students. With us you feel like you’re home.

Stable and peaceful

Our apartments offer you stable and easy living with friendly people, who respect the rules of communal living. At our apartments roommates are considerate and respectful to each other.


Your private room can be locked, although many people staying with us don’t really use them after arriving, because they feel completely safe. During our history, no thefts or significant incidents have occured.

Ready and waiting for you

Our rooms are immediately ready to move in. The apartments and rooms are in good condition and include all things necessary for living, including furniture. You’ll need to bring your personal belongings, but we take care of rest.

We have a room available!

We have a room available in one of our apartments right now. Fill out the housing application with the form below, and we will possibly contact you to arrange a presentation.

In the introduction, you will be introduced to the roommate, and you will also meet other roommates. After the presentation, you decide for yourself whether this is your new home. We are also happy to answer all your questions.

Communal living or your own place?

Communal living or your own place? When renting a flat, there are several different options from which you can choose the one most suitable for you. Communal living is popular among students, but has been getting more popular with young people who have finished studies and are already working. The pros of communal living are lower costs and social atmosphere. You’ll always have friends and company to spend time with when you’re in a social mood. Our rooms cost only 440 euros a month plus a fee of 50 € for water, electricity and internet.

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