Comfortable communal living in helsinki
We have five comfortable apartments, each of which has five rooms. Our apartments are located near good transportation connections, and are suitable for students and young people who work looking for peaceful and comfortable living. Our typical tenants are from 18 to 30 years old.

Well-equipped rooms

Our apartments are larger than normal communal living spaces. People have their own spacious rooms and communal spaces shared together. Rooms are comfortable, spacious, well-eqpuiped and instantly available. Our apartments have everything you need for proper home.

All residents can use:

  • Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer, stowe, oven, microwave, and dishwasher
  • Everything you need for making food in the kitchen
  • New bathroom with shower and washing machine
  • WC
  • Large balcony with glass windows
  • Enough storage space for everyone

Floor plan

All our five apartments have similar floor plan. Every apartment has five spacious private rooms, and in the center of the floor there is communal kitchen and common living room. Communal bathroom and toilet are next to entrance.

Room according to your needs

Every tenant has their own spacious lockable room. Inside the room there is a large wardrobe and 80 centimeters wide bed. If you need other furniture such as chair or working desk we can provide you them without any extra fee. We are happy to set up your room just the way you like.

Well connected and near services

Our apartments are located right next to a metro station, and you will travel to central Helsinki quickly. University of Helsinki metro station is only 18 minute ride away, and ride to Central Station Helsinki takes only 20 minutes. Campus of Aalto university in Otaniemi is 30 minutes away via metro. There is a shopping centre in the metro station, where you can find number of services, such as grocery store, large flea market, pharmacy, post office, many good restaurants and a indoor swimming pool. Also nearby there are many good spaces for jogging and other sports

Prices and terms of contract

The rent is 440 € per month, and the fee for water, electricity and internet is 50€ per month. The lease is one year fixed-term contract that continues indefinetly. In special situations it is possible to have a six month fixed term lease.

We require one month security deposit or commitment by Kela or municipality if you are under finnish social security.

After the end of the fixed lease the termination will happen according to act of residential leases in finnish law.

Pets and smoking inside the apartment are not allowed.

Services for those moving to Finland from abroad

Are you moving to Finland? If you need a room for shorter or longer period, we can offer you following services:

  • Temporary loan of bed sheets, blankets and pillows
  • Pick-up from airport
  • Other help if needed

How to rent a room from our apartments:

1. Fill in and send the housing application

2. We will contact you to arrange a presentation.

3. We will show you the apartment, where you will also meet other roommates

4. After the presentation, you can decide if this is your new home.

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